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Interfacing PIC16F877A with Thermistor

Components Needed

Microcontroller PIC16F877A  – {1}

Reset Circuitry (Tactile Switch – {1} + 1K Resistor – {1})

Oscillator Circuitry (20MHz Crystal {1}, 15pF Capacitor {2})

10K Thermistor – {1}, 10K Resistor –{1}

Connecting Components

Connect Components as shown in the schematic below.


We will connect a 10KΩ Thermistor in series with a 10KΩ Resistor, the Resistor is used for protection, as the resistance of thermistor may get very low which can cause most of the current to flow through it resulting in damage of thermistor. So a 10KΩ Resistor is used to ensure that the resistance remains at least 10KΩ.

Now the voltage at the junction of thermistor and resistor will vary according to the voltage at thermistor, so this will be a variable analog output proportional to the temperature.

Now configure Port A as analog and give the output from junction on the analog channel , this input could be stored in any variable in program and could be used for further analysis.

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